About Lagom Massage

Lagom Massage by Lauren Meredith was founded with the intention of helping people find a solution to their aches and pains. It started by offering different treatments based on the level of intensity used during the treatment, i.e. soft, medium, and deep. However, due to the nuances of clients' issues, I found that I frequently combined techniques throughout treatments to suit particular muscle needs. It is important to me that attention is given to the client's story about their chronic and acute discomfort, aches, pains, and also what they want or need. There is nothing I like less that focusing on legs when someone comes in with a neck ache! Or stretching out a neck when they came in for sciatica issues.

It is also vital for both of us to have a conversation at the beginning of each session to establish an understanding of what the treatment will involve. This discussion is usually lengthier in an initial visit, however this process becomes much more streamlined with follow up treatments. Client feedback about pressure is welcome so that 'lagom' pressures may be acheived.

Targeted massage is the number one objective. Massage sessions at Lagom Massage may become your recipe for scheduled stress relief once a month or you might find a balance in switching off between Classic Swedish Massage and Massage Therapy to get a deep treatment mixed with an occasional stretch session.

About Lauren

Hi! My name is Lauren. I find purposeful enjoyment in providing focused therapeutic bodywork massage. I am trained, first and foremost, in Classic Swedish Massage, though have added techniques including therapeutic stretching, pregnancy considerations and hot stone manipulations. I enjoy finding solutions for each client based on their specific needs, economic situations and scheduling constraints.

I grew up just outside of Chicago, Illinois, USA. I am constantly creating things and exploring crafts. Paper, fiber, pencil and yarn are my favorite sources of calm and inspiration. Origami, knitting and exploring home-made natural skin care products are my current passions. You should not be surprised to see a little origami bird or flower hanging out in the reception. I also like playing piano.

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Lauren Meredith Gumaelius - outside 2017

Lauren Meredith Gumaelius

Lauren's Timeline

  • 1996–2009
    Fogarolli logotype

    Barista, various locations

    Gloria Jeans, Kava Kava, Lore's Corner, Caribou Coffee, Tropic of Coffee & Fogarolli.

  • 2000
    Lore's Corner logotype

    Founded Lore's Corner Dorm Cafe, Oshkosh, WI

    The beginnings of my entrepreneurial endeavors offering an extremely convenient cup of gourmet coffee at the university dormitory.

  • 2002
    DePaul University logo

    DePaul University, Chicago, IL

    Major in Business Marketing.
    Minor in Accounting & Entrepreneurship.
    Graduated with honors.

  • 2003–04
    Tropic of Coffee logo

    Founded Tropic of Coffee, suburbs of Chicago, IL

    A catering espresso bar providing excellent coffee, espresso & teas to festivals and private functions.

  • 2004–06
    Chicago Coffee Roastery logo

    Roastmaster, Chicago Coffee Roastery, Huntley, IL

    A unique experience of learning and mastering coffee roasting by the Sivetz fluid bed roasting method.

  • 2006
    Flag of Sweden

    Moved to Lund, Sweden

    I followed my heart to move to Sweden which resulted in learning Swedish and marriage in 2007!

  • 2009

    Began Knitting

    I just picked up knitting and haven't put the needles down since. Sock knitting competitions, shawls, blankets, toys, hand spun yarns etc.

    Check out Ravelry.

  • 2010–14

    Workplace Masseuse, VIDA Häsloutvekling, in and around Malmö

    Part-time, on-site workplace masseuse for a variety of companies. Dealt with posture concerns, repetitive activity issues, positive health maintenance & de-stress.

  • 2014
    Lagom Massage by Lauren Meredith

    Lagom Massage by Lauren Meredith, Lund

    Began my massage therapy practice within Salong Freestyle, moved to Salong Skönalund and arrived at Stora Södergatan 58A as my own brand in summer of 2017.

  • 2016
    lm wave logo

    lm Skin Care, Lund

    Natural skin care products arising from the need to create a quality massage body oil.

  • 2020
    lmbylm Etsy header

    lmbylm shop on Etsy

    Launch of lm products at the new lmbylm shop on the Etsy online marketplace.

    Visit the online shop at lmbylm.etsy.com



      Conveniently located in Lund.

      Public Transportation

      The nearest bus stops are Södertull and Södertull Vårdcentral.

      • Local green buses: 1 & 6
      • Regional yellow buses: 130, 131 & 155


      Parking may be found at Tullgatan's parking garage or the following nearby streets: Gyllenkroks allé, Stora Södergatan and Södra Esplanaden.